Add dropper applet to core and integrate with task manager

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I'd like a dropper applet to be in core (preferably in C or Vala though the existing python implementation could be a prototype).

1) The integration with external destinations (pastebin, image sites, dropbox etc) is nice but more importantly.
2) Retain the Open URI option.
3) Create an Add to Taskmanager option ( If it's desktop file then create a launcher otherwise, create a shortcut).

In additions to the work on dropper itself, some obvious modification will need to be made to Taskmanager to support shortcuts as first class objects in the taskmanager.

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mhr3 (04/11/2009): My first idea with dropper applet _was_ for it to be in core, but in was already pretty late in the development cycle and therefore I decided to do it as separate applet. My idea for 0.6 would be to completely revamp d&d handling in Awn - ie. all applets will redirect d&d to panel window and it'll call some DBus methods on the applets - this way one will be able to add launcher to taskmanager even if you don't drop it directly on the applet etc. Of course the API has to be carefully designed so that we can still support direct drop, source drag, etc...

moonbeam (04/11/2009) mhr3, I think that _is_ a good idea overall. As long as the analysis and decision of the drag and drop took place outside of the core process (I'm thinking that it would be a good idea to make it possible to add/remove various handlers). Along those lines I could see an argument to do that code in python.

- mhr3 (06/11/2009) I'm thinking of a signal that will be sent only to the applet the item is dropped on, if the applet doesn't handle the item, dropper-style dialog would be shown (unless another applet registers to globally handle specific mime-types - ie taskmanager & desktop files). Therefore dropper-code will need to be in core process.

moonbeam (04/11/2009) mhr3, though I'm somewhat concerned, that this might end up adding an extra mouse for common actions such as drag and drop of a file into media-player, garbage, or into a TaskIcon to open with the app. I assume that is what you mean by still supporting "direct drop"?

- mhr3 (06/11/2009) Yes, that's what I mean by direct drop, see above.

moonbeam (04/11/2009) Another thought, is how we could get to the following scenario? For 0.6 I'd like to make the argument that file drag and drops on task launchers should attempt to open the file with the app in all circumstance. The reason I wanted the dropper applet to appear was to allow creation of launchers and shortcuts in the taskmanager by drag and drop of the relevant file into the dropper icon.

- mhr3 (06/11/2009) My idea was that there would be no dropper icon anymore, drop on panel which isn't handled by the applet (or dropping somewhere where's no applet) results in showing the dialog.


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