AwnDialog rework for 0.4

Registered by Neil J. Patel

AwnDialog is the current way for applet authors to display extra information when the user clicks on the applets dialog. However, in it's current form it is too simple for advanced usage and too complex for inheriting. For 0.4, in addition to adding features, AwnDialog should inherit themeing that is used throughout Awn (colours stored in gconf, not Gtk).

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Neil J. Patel
Neil J. Patel
Michal Hruby
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Proposed for 0.4
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milestone icon 0.4.0
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Michal Hruby
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Michal Hruby



For the 0.4 release, AwnDialog should be updated to provide the following features:

 - Simple themeing through additional saved colours in the configuration backend.
    - We need to think about how these colours will be passed along to widgets that can be implemented within the dialog. We will need to take the colours from GConf and pass them into Gtk, otherwise standard widgets will look different.

- Orientation support: The dialog will have to support the different orientations of the panel.

- Updated look - at the moment the dialog is quite basic where the rest of the panel is more 'blingy'. Updating the look & feel of the dialog to match the rest of Awn is also important. We will need to think about how the dialog will look for non-composited displays.
  - We should add shadows to the composited dialog.

- Detachment option - where the applet author allows it, the dialog should have an icon which indicates to the user that they may "detach" the dialog from the applet and instead place it on the desktop like a widget. The widget can be 're-attached' through the same button.
  - We will need to inform the applet the dialog has been detached.
  - When the user clicks the panel-icon of a detached dialog, the debaviour should be to raise the dialog to the top of the window stacking order.
  - Option for the applet to hide when the dialog is detached.
  - Try to make this as transparent as possible for the applet author.


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