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I saw the great improvements that you want to do in mrp, so I'm posting this wish here.

We are producing cardboard packages:
We buy big boards of cardboard with price in m2 (square meter)
We cut, bend, glue them and sell.
The price results from the price of the big board, paint, glue, and work.
But often we can order them already cut from the manufacturer and the price will be a fraction of the big board.

Currently we cannot have a direct relation between the big board and the piece that we cut from it.

I would like a new type different than stockable, but probably inherited from this, that would be able to hold width, height, dimensions for each product.
I am thinking about "cardboard elements" type.

Then I have different categories of cardboard quality and proprieties.
So I have defined
- Type I - White Cardboard
- Type I - White Cardboard - Quality 1
and so on

And then I have cardboard packages of quality 1

I would like to be able to set the price for the big board, and to have the price for acquisition for the small board.
Depending on type, category and size.

And then, perhaps some kind of forecasting based on the sales orders, and the prices of square meter to be able to compute how many big boards of a certain type would be used in the next X days, this would allow me to buy a big amount of boards at a cheaper price.

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There is an independent module mrp_dimensions using standar OpenERP manufacturing modules that includes the cutting and product dimensions problem.

One of the objectives, once modules are migrated to new versions, would be also integrating in clean way all additional functionality that is built by now on OpenMRP, let's say product dimensions or even preventive operations for manufacturing machines.

Let's first moving fordward with modules to new versions (if we success on recently launched crowdfunding campaign) and after, let's extending main functionality with other modules that extend them for covering different industry focus and needs


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