A way to target and attack subterranean units, and shielding against teleportation

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As far as I know, one can detect subterranean units with buildings that has SensorArray=yes but not target or attack units with this locomotor (when they are underground). This presents an always-guaranteed way into a base regardless of perimeter security.

A nice feature would be to add a flag so certain infantry/units/buildings could target (if the underground unit is detected by a building with SensorArray=yes) and destroy these underway. This could present modders with a defense against them before they surface.

Another flag that could be added that enables certain warheads to damage subterranean units in the vicinity of the blast even if the firer cannot see the unit, something like an inverted DamageAirThreshold= flag.

! Update 2018/11/04: Another functionality that can be included may be flags for shielding functionality (i.e. an inhibitor) and radii for buildings against teleporting units such as the Chrono Legionnaire, as the only thing that I know that currently blocks this unit is shroud. This would work as to create an area of denial around the shielding buildings for such units as shroud does, even if that area is visible. Said new functionality may also help to improve base defense.

However, it does not need to affect the Chronoshift superweapon, except for those shielding buildings that are included in the SW.Inhibitors= list for that superweapon. Neither has it to affect returning vehicles with a locomotor and flags like the Chrono Miner when they’re dockning, should there be an enemy shielding building in range of the Ore Refinery.

I am not an expert modder, and this is my first blueprint, so please pardon any inaccuracies.

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Off topic, but I am terribly sorry for bumping up my karma and getting in the 'Top contributors' list. I am new here so I had no idea how the karma system worked or that it even existed, it was purely by accident and I am terribly sorry for this. I just wanted to register one blueprint.

What did this must have been that I edited the blueprint description more than a dozen times since I am a perfectionist and (despite my name) as a non-native English speaker (writer) I wanted to optimize the sentence structure and get rid of all grammatical errors, since there is no auto-correction for this. Please remove the karma if you can.

-- Morris Smith

Karma can't be removed.

NavalTargeting tag already controls whether objects can target subs or not. It defaults to 0, which means that they can't.
You should try that tag and then see if it's enough for what you need. - mevitar


Thanks. I will check this as soon as I get a working installation in order.

-- Morris Smith


*** Update ***: After modifying an installation of MO 2.0 (in order to use the Driller APC) to use Ares 0.Cp1 instead of NPatch, I placed a Driller en route to a grand cannon placed besides a watch tower with the tags SensorArray=yes and a SensorsSight= equal to the range of the grand cannon.
After testing multiple values of NavalTargeting= on the cannon, in all cases the Driller (moving underground) was unable to be noticed or attacked by the cannon before surfacing.

It would seem that targetable subterranean unit functionality unfortunately does not exist in the stock game.

-- Morris Smith

Uh, no, it's for submarines, not subterranean units. The game can't target subterranean units at all. I was pretty sure you wrote about cloaked units that are underwater, not underground units. Guess i read it wrong. - mevitar


A honest mistake :)
The situation I described was about subterranean units.

Hence a new .ini-flag might be in order to solve the 'always-a-way-in' problem.

-- Morris Smith


Update 2018/11/04: Added a suggestion about including teleportation shielding for buildings against units such as the chrono legionnaire (see description), and again, sorry for the karma bump. I was trying to keep edits as low as possible this time and I felt that the teleportation shielding was a necessary thing to include. Just trying to be of assistance :)

Anyhow, any feedback on this proposition is always welcome :)

— Morris Smith


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