Starting Units Customization

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Starting units customizable by country:
[Country]StartInMultiplayer.Types= (list of TechnoTypes)
The custom list of potential units to start with in multiplayer games. If not set, the game selects the types by using AllowedToStartInMultiplayer. Use <none> to disable starting units. Only InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes are supported.

If a country doesn't have any starting units, then previously the game aborted placing other houses' base and starting units. Now the game will proceed normally. Thus, having no starting units is now possible. This means the crash with no infantry starting units is also fixed.

Use a fixed credit amount for starting units:
The Unit Count lever in the game options when setting up a match does not decide the actual unit count. This might be a bit of a mysterium because the logic behind it doesn't seem to be widely known. The value of the Unit Count setting is multiplied with the average cost of units that are AllowedToStartInMultiplay=yes (mind: only checking the houses in the current match), then places as many units randomly as it can until this cost is met or exceeded. This means, the starting unit cost of Allies vs. Soviets might be different from Allies vs. Yuri. This setting is to always use a fixed amount.

[General]StartInMultiplayerUnitCost= (integer - credits)
The fixed amount of credits for one unit. The Unit Count setting is multiplied with this. If not set, the game will determine the average cost of a unit by summing up all costs of units that could be used as starting units (ignoring countries that aren't in the match).

This fully supports the new custom starting unit tags above, and it is also fully backwards compatible to the original game.

A debug line has been added to output the calculated unit cost used for starting units per match. This might help as a guideline.

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Implemented as specified.

This bug reported by PePsiCola will be fixed in the final release: Aside from that, confirmed working: -AlexB


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