AISafeDistance tag should be split

Registered by Renegade on 2011-12-04

So, the AISafeDistance tag is currently used for two things- how far away the enemy base is, and how far away their OWN base is. An example of this is the script action 53, and the script action 54 in aimd.ini. 53 is "Gather at enemy base", and 54 is "Gather at friendly base".

This can be annoying if you set the AISafeDistance to a number higher than the default- the AI will frequently group in the middle of the map, especially for stuff like loading transports and etc. Although it still can determine which base is which, if the distance is say, 50, and the length between each base is roughly 100 cells, then both will result in the AI being in the middle of the map. It'd be nice if you could have more control over the distance from the enemy base and friendly bases.

So something like:


Would be useful, as long as the script action 54 uses the above tag. Otherwise, it defaults to AISafeDistance. In the specific example above, the AI (when using the script action 54) would group 10 cells away from their base. And if the TeamType uses script action 53, it'd group at the enemy base 30 cells away.

This would allow AI teams to regroup fairly far away from the enemy base for offensive movements, but could regroup close to their own base for say, transports and etc.

An additional tag that would be useful as well could be something like "AICloseDistance", which should come with an additional script action to go along with it. The script action would work pretty much the same as 53, but would use AICloseDistance instead of AISafeDistance. This would allow you to make AI that sets up artillery fairly close to the enemy base, so it can still hit a lot of their defenses and etc, without having to mess with AISafeDistance for other AI teamtypes. It could also allow you to make the AI regroup 3 times in total when being made- once at their own base, a second time in the middle or so, and once more right outside the enemy's base.

This, alongside , would make the AI a lot smarter.

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