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The packages must fit in the selected media type (CD or DVD) chosen by the user via GUI. If CD was selected, when reached the limit size, APTonCD will create 2 (or as many be necessary) CDs .iso image. The same for DVD option. The default value for medias is CD = 690MB and DVD = 4500MB.
While create APTonCD, users need add custom packages previously downloaded saved from a website. And these packages must be present in the aptoncd media.
The APTonCD could run without adminstrative privilegies to perform "Create" tasks. But, to restore, APTonCD will need sudo/root privilegies. So, automatically, when needed, APTonCD call gksu[do] to permorm some restore tasks that involves copy in a non-writable directory, restrictedy to non-administrative users.
Old and/or duplicated versions os same packages sholdn't be on the media. Keeping only the newest version avaliable. But, if requested (by enabling the correspondent checkbox), many versions of the same package can be on to the media.
Allow user create, automatically, a meta-package (in this format: aptoncd-metapackage_YYYYMMDD.deb) with all selected packages as dependencies, to easily install them all after.
While Create APTonCD, the custom packages can be dragged from Nautilus or Desktop to Create dialog, and added in the media.
When mouse hover the package in the list, a tooltip must show an short description of the packages, as well your name.

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