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Finalize documentation of new features on before publishing version 0.4.0

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- name of first tab is not the class name anymore (specific i18n label as other tabs)
- document phases (only work for root classes)
- attribute 'phase' to PodTemplates
- new attributes on Flavour (workflow-related)
- new attribute "height" on fields
- doc: remove "application-specific i18n domain" (basic classes.html,...)
- document some basic Plone roles like "Authenticated", "Member"
- Config->new param "frontPage" (future: any object)
- translate for front_page_text: variables given (future: those variable may be present for more translations)
- field type Info
- tool.getInitiator
- phases: every time a page in a phase!=main is mentioned, phase must be repeated (use Page instances)
- add documentation about Page instance.
- manipulating objects from code: document AbstractWrapper.translate and
- validate: tell that new.attr1 returns None when we are not on the page where this attribute is.
- 'show' param on State
- new generator: odt
- pod: new renderer param "finalizeFunction" (can be a function or a method)
- pod context in gen: 'now' : the current datetime
- 2 new i18n labels: wfName_transitioName_mail_subject and wfName_transitioName_mail_body
- mail notification mechanism
- function "do" (trigger wf transition) has additional params.
- generator options -c and -s
- param "plainText" of field Computed
- document new tab "notifications" in every flavour and updates to tab "userInterface" (and removal of showWorkflowCommentField on tool)
- document "create root objects"
- document method "flavour" on any object
- document the way to define variables in a POD template.
- document the new way to set / get values of File attributes.
- document the Config.showPortlet attribute.
- document the static method "update" one can define on its CustomTool or CustomFlavour

gen: document new attribute "create" on a class, that can be None, 'form', 'import' or
   a tuple (ie ('form', 'import')). Default value is 'form' and means that objects of this class
   are created through the web via a form.
gen: document attribute 'show' may also take values 'view' or 'edit' (result of a method may also produce 'view' or 'edit')
gen: document Refs new attribute "maxPerPage"
gen: document param "result" on type Action (may be 'file' or 'computation')
gen: document param "focus" on any Type
gen: document new validators MODULO_97 and MODULO_97_COMPLEMENT for String values.
gen: document new "Search" functionality, and corresponding i18n labels.
gen: document new i18n: _plural, search-related, and those for search groups
gen: document test system
gen: document new Config parameters.


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