Improvements to murano package-name/glance image-create field

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Currently the murano package-name and glance image-create fields pose some bad UX. There are several problems with them:

1) These fields are currently editable, which means that a user can accidentally input something to the field, while copy-pasting. This would break importing and would probably lead to bad UX
1.1) On a related note: the field should fit the content (or at least be a lot wider than the way it is currently), otherwise the user is not really sure what he is copying.

2) There is no copy button. This proposition is inspired by the UI of, github, gerrit and many other public web catalogues, that allow to copy the line from the input in one-click. Since there is, currently no way to copy text to a clipboard from js, solving this problem might involve using flash

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I like the idea of making the field easier to copy (wider, maybe fixed so user can't accidentally make a change). But I am STRONGLY against introducing flash just for the sake of giving someone a click instead of telling them to press CTRL-C. AFAIK flash is virtually dead now, and not installed often (I know it's not on any computers I have access to...)

kfox1111 - This should probably involve the dependsOn blueprint. With dependsOn, the entry may be multiple lines. One per dependency plus the actual one.

Im less negative on the flash thing. While I'd also like to see flash go away entirely from the web, for this one, narrow use case I think its probably ok. Its used all the time on github. If we were to support it, I'd recommend the same library github uses. There is an angular wrapper too if we want to integrate it with horizon.


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