Add TOSCA assets to the catalog

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This blueprint will be used to track the work required to add TOSCA asset types to the catalog

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Christopher Aedo
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Sahdev Zala
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    Define metadata for TOSCA assets

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    Add TOSCA assets

(spzala) Hi Crhis, for 'determine/implement app-catalog-ui changes:' - I believe that is make changes to display TOSCA content here, ?

(spzala) And for 'determine/implement web site changes:' - does that mean on the wiki, ? Thanks.

(kfox1111) spzala, so we have a split code base at the moment. The code for lives in the app-catalog repo. The code for the horizon plugin lives at app-catalog-ui. We've started to pull out the common code from the app-catalog-ui that could be shared with the app-catalog website to app-catalog-common, so that we only need to change code in one place app-catalog-common to add support for new asset types, but its not there yet. its part of this review: . I talked it over with Chris, and we think it would be ok to make an exception for TOSCA assets to merge a change just to the website and not the horizon plugin while we wait for the merged ui code to be finished. we don't want to accept more asset types because every one we add to the old website is additional work needed to get the new one working, delaying it further.

(kfox1111) So the determine steps are planning related to the website and horizon plugin respectively, and then the actual change tasks too.

(kfox1111) I think planning out how it will work with the horizon plugin will be very important to the app-catalog-common effort though, so we all need to discuss how horizon's going to work.

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    TOSCA web changes

(spzala) @kfox1111, Thank you so much!!

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    Add CSAR example and important assets for Wordpres and ELK stack


Work Items

Work items:
define metadata for TOSCA assets: DONE
add TOSCA asset type to schema: DONE
add TOSCA "hello world" asset to assets.yaml: DONE
determine how to reflect in the web site: DONE
determine how to reflect in app-catalog-ui: TODO
implement web site changes: DONE
implement app-catalog-ui changes: TODO

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