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A location is needed for apps which depend on Anonplus to be stored that still gives them easy access to the API.
src/libs/morado/ should be located within this folder for easy access by applications within the folder.
A file will be used to specify which apps need to be run on startup (such as the web UI).

In the future, this will allow us to easily create a type of "Software Center" for Anonplus where applications can be easily downloaded into the global apps folder or ~/.vomun/apps.

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Inside the apps folder we will place a file, manifest.json, which contains a list of all the apps which are installed. We will also do the same for ~/.vomun/apps/. This manifest will contain a list of the apps, the names, the autoload status, the type of app (included, stand alone, etc.), and the hash of that app's manifest file.

Each app will then have its own manifest such as apps/web-ui/app.manifest.json. This will contain a hash of all the included files, the USK address which is checked for updates, and the UUK where the most recent version was downloaded.

We can then make a trusted apps list with signed releases for each hash of the app.manifest.json file. This allows for us to verify every file to make sure that it is authentic in high-security environments. Of course, once they have the ability to modify our source code, there is not much we can do. This should deter some unauthorized tampering and will definitely allow for a more secure review process to take place on the apps.


We should be able to run apps out of the apps folder by build-7. Soon after this we should be looking at preforming dynamic loading/running of the apps and we should have a well defined system for placing an app in this folder. Such procedure might include a manifest file and appropriate signatures or hashes.


The web-ui should be an app by build-7 so I have set the kame-response as a dependancy for the apps-folder as it is the primary app.


I requested a project group for Anonplus so we can separate apps from the apps-folder in the trunk repository. This should make the apps folder a little easier to manage. Builds can be produced with apps included at a later date.

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Create working libs to interact with the API: INPROGRESS

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