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Registered by Johannes H. Jensen

Alarm Clock needs some better icons!

Problems with the current icons:
- Poor visibility on dark backgrounds
- They stand out from stock GNOME/Tango icons.
- The type indicator icons are too colorful.
- Newly added support for app indicators raise the need for an attention seeking version of the status icon.

1. An alarm clock icon to be used as both status icon and logo (different levels of detail)
1.1 An attention seeking version of this icon indicating that an alarm has gone off.
2. Two icons indicating alarm type - alarm clocks and timers. These should be different from the logo.

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Johannes H. Jensen
Johannes H. Jensen
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Johannes H. Jensen
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milestone icon 0.3.2
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Johannes H. Jensen

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Icons needed & usage areas
- alarm-clock: logo used as app icon, about dialog, etc
- alarm-type-clock: type indicator (alarm list window)
- alarm-type-timer: type indicator (alarm list window)

- alarm-clock-set: status icon indicating that alarm-clock is running and at least one alarm is set.
- alarm-clock-noset: status icon indicating that alarm-clock is running but that no alarms are currently set.
- alarm-clock-active: status icon indicating that an alarm is currently triggered.
- alarm-clock-error: status icon indicating that an error has occurred, e.g. missing audio file.

The attention icon will replace the current blinking status icon. This is needed for AppIndicator, which does not support blinking. (see bug #670772)

The type icons should be simple and monochrome black/gray. They should not draw as much attention as they currently do.

Mono icons should go through the appropriate channels to be included in ubuntu-mono:
1. File a bug report requesting the inclusion of new icons:
2. Supply the bug report with the appropriate mono icons

-- Addendum 1 --
I suggest the following additional icons:

- alarm-clock-set (panel icon indicating that alarm-clock is both running, and that at least one alarm is set)
- alarm-clock-noset (panel icon indicating that alarm-clock is running, but that no alarms are currently set)
- alarm-clock-active (panel icon indicating that an alarm is currently triggered. Note: this is essentially the same as alarm-clock-triggered)
- alarm-clock-error (panel icon indicating that alarm-clock has/is experiencing an error. An example error being a missing audio file)

On the face of it both alarm-clock and alarm-clock-set appear to fulfil the same function. However, in order to insure consistent display of the coloured alarm-clock application icon (in applications such as gnome-system-properties) whilst using icon themes which define monochrome panel icons, it would be prudent to have separate icons.

I've created a set of elementary mono icons to this spec. ( I may have a bash at creating corresponding icons for alarm-type-clock and alarm-type-timer if I find the time (why do they have to be monochrome? They aren't panel icons as far as I see). Let me know if/when the alarm-clock icon spec. is updated so I can submit the relevant icon(s) for inclusion in the elementary icon set proper.

-- Lee Hyde --

Lee, the additional icons is a great idea! I have included them in the spec above.

I wanted the alarm-type-* icons to be monochrome because I feel they currently draw too much attention in the alarms list. They merely indicate the type of the alarm and are no more important than any of the other fields (time and name).


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